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About Molina K-9 Training

Molina K-9 Training is a multi-faceted dog training company based in San Antonio, TX.

Founded, owned and operated by certified Master Dog Trainer, Pamela Molina, Molina K-9 Training specializes in offering behavior modification and service dog training. Pamela is also available to offer expert input if you need advice on breed or puppy selection.

A United States Marine Corps Veteran, Pamela has designed Molina K-9 Training’s programs to ensure clients are always the priority. Every dog is treated as an individual, and solutions are tailored to your specific situation.  

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Behavior Modification

Molina K-9 Training’s Behavior Modification program is ideal if you are experiencing significant behavior issues with your dog.

Using balanced dog training methods, acquired through a wealth of education and real-world dog training experience, we work with you to create a customized training plan for you and your dog. 

Leave your frustrations in the past. We can help you to rectify your dog’s behavioral issues and create a harmonious human-dog relationship that will last a lifetime.

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Service Dog Training

As experienced Service Dog handlers, we know the difference a well-trained Service Dog can make to an individual’s quality of life.

Our Service Dog Training program is designed with your end goals in mind. We will create a comprehensive training plan that lays a solid foundation of obedience for your dog, before moving onto task training tailored for your circumstances.

We also teach and inform you about the legal protections afforded to service dog handlers – ensuring you are armed with the knowledge you need to a live a happy, fulfilled life with your new Service Dog.