Service Dog Training

Customized Service Dog Training Plans

Service Dogs can be an invaluable companion to individuals with disabilities. There is no shortage of incredible tasks they can perform – from guiding the visually impaired, to assisting with mobility, and providing help to those suffering with PTSD, and many more situations.

At Molina K-9 Training, our Service Dog Training program follows a timeline which is created and monitored by our professional dog trainer. We will work alongside you to create a customized plan which builds a service animal who will perform their given tasks reliably in a variety of different situations.

Handlers will also be educated on relevant and appropriate laws as pertains to service animals. As experienced Service Dog Handlers ourselves, we understand how vital it is to understand the federal, state and local provisions which protect service dogs and their handlers.

service dog in training on escalator

Service Dog Training Program

Our Service Dog Training program covers the following areas:

Service dogs in training will learn foundational obedience behaviors such as Sit, Down, Leave It, Place, Heel, Settle, Off, Wait, Release, Under and Rear End Awareness.

Service Dogs will also learn appropriate tasks according to the handler’s requirements. 


Our Service Dog Training sessions are priced at $125/session.

Please inquire about our discounts for Military and First Responders.

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Pam is an amazing dog trainer and a fantastic person. I went to dog training school with Pam and saw her work with a wide variety of dogs. Her compassion for others and sweet spirit spill over into her dog training as she dedicates herself to helping each client better understand their dog. She has the grit to take on the tough behavior cases, and the sensitivity to bond with even the most stubborn dog. I highly recommend Molina K9, call Pam today, you won't be disappointed!
Katy L.